Entrepreneur and Life Coach Hopes to Raise Money for Accessible Van

Ryan Success Story

Westland, MI—She was born with three kidneys and all of her organs are on the opposite side of her body but it doesn’t get in the way of Shawn living her life as a life coach, entrepreneur and soon to be Peer Mentor. “Hey anybody that has three kidneys has to be special right? said Shawn.

She doesn’t talk much about her disability but rather focuses on her abilities. “I have a passion for people and I want to show them that even though we have disabilities, it shouldn’t stop us from achieving our goals,” said Shawn.

Being a Peer Mentor means Shawn has to travel around town so that’s why she is trying to raise $60,000 on her www.gofundme.com/shawnsvan page to purchase an accessible van. Preferably she’d like one with hand controls that way she can drive herself. “I’ve been trying for 10 years to get a van and I’ve hit roadblocks every step of the way. This is really my last attempt.”

Shawn hires her own staff that helps her with daily activities and transports her to meetings. “The van would be great because I could drive it or my staff could drive it. I just need to get around and it’s just very, very difficult when I have to rely on public transportation or others. So many times I am late because the bus is late or doesn’t come at all. It’s basically causing me to be unemployable. I want to work and make money like everyone. I don’t want to move out of state to get a better life.”

Right now she travels to Lansing every month as she was selected to be on an Advocacy Board where she can hopefully make changes to Michigan’s public transportation system.

“I am grateful for all I have. I just want to be successful and having my own vehicle is the only way I can make money and do the things I need to do to achieve my goals,” Shawn commented.

If you’d like to help Shawn reach her goal, click on her Go Fund Me Page: www.gofundme.com/shawnsvan.

Shawn receives services through Community Living Services. CLS is funded by the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority, Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority and Macomb County Community Mental Health. CLS provides services and supports to more than 3,000 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties.