Eligibility for Services

People who live in Wayne County and meet the criteria listed in the Michigan Mental Health Code for persons with a developmental disability are eligible for services and supports. The Code describes a developmental disability as a severe, chronic condition that is due to a mental or physical impairment or combination of impairments. These impairments must occur before the age of 22, be likely to continue forever and seriously limit you, or not allow you to do things in three or more of the following activities:

Eligibility Screening and Intake Process

People interested in receiving mental health services from CLS or another Manager of Comprehensive Provider Networks (MCPN) must go through the Access Center. The person/legal representative can expect a clinical screening over the phone or in person if needed.

If the person is deemed eligible then an intake meeting is scheduled. The person is then enrolled with the MCPN of their choice and it’s expected they will follow through on the intake appointment. The appointment is very important because it allows the MCPN to secure information needed for admission and it documents the initial findings that the person is eligible for services.

The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority Access Center is available to assist with: Access to Services, Choice Opportunities, Enrollment, Clinical Screenings for Eligibility, Appointment Scheduling and Information and Referral.

24-Hour Access Center 1-800-241-4949