The Charara family is very close and enjoys the time they spend together.

The Charara Family Support at Home

Rima Charara spent many years living in a state-run hospital in Mt. Pleasant. The facility was closed down several years ago and that’s when Rima made the transition to living in her own home. The transition was a difficult one but with the help of her staffing agency and the loving care of family and friends, Rima has been enjoying life in her downriver community.

Her sister Saada talks about how it was a difficult transition at first but through trial and error, the family and Rima, are very pleased with the in-home care and community-based services and supports that Rima is receiving.

“My sister smiles a lot now and that makes all of us happy,” said Saada. “We have seen such a change in her personality. She attends community events, enjoys working out at a local health club and has started her own small business. We can’t tell you how proud we are of her.”